High Tech Services volume meter is a digital meter that calculates the total volume of gas that has been used. This unit connects to your existing mass flow controller or mass flow sensor and converts the 0-5 VDC sensor signal into total volume. Our interfacing connector is compatible with all standard mass flow devices ranging from 10 SCCM to 50 SLPM.

Some of the applications include:

  • Facilities - Monitoring bulk gas usage.
  • Cryo-Pumps - Determining regenerating time.
  • Metal Organics - Monitoring usage.
  • Safety - Hazardous gas tracking
  • Maintenance - Corrosive gas usage for cleanup

Three different configuration are offered:

  • VM-1 Single gas in half rack mounting
  • VM-2 Dual gas in half rack mounting
  • VM-3 Single gas in kit form


Dimensions - 9.5" x 3.5" x 11"D
Weight - 2 lbs
Power - 120V 100 MA
Accuracy +/- .01%






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