Model 210 - Convection Oven

The Model 210 Convection Oven is designed for high temperature processing of objects up to ten feet long. All stainless steel-construction provides for a clean environment for processing components. Temperature ramping and control is performed by a PID Loop digital controller. Forced air recirculators inside the oven ensure maximum heat transfer and temperature uniformity. Typical applications include the drying of high purity semiconductor process tubing and curing of down hole oil well probes. The basic design can be expanded in five-foot increments to enable processing of longer objects.


  • Maximum Temperature 300C
  • Zone Uniformity 2%
  • Throughput Loading
  • Internal Dimensions 120''w x 20''d x 24''h
  • Overall Dimensions 124''w x 30''d x 60''h
  • 208 VAC 1 PH 30 A


  • Top Loading Configuration
  • Front Loading Configuration
  • Electrical Feedthrus
  • Rotary Feedthrus
  • Computer Data Acquisition


Model 210 Convection Oven $19,700



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