Automation and Data Acquisition

  High Tech Services provides software services to users of Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detectors. We can either rewrite existing software of write new software to meet the customer's needs. This may be as simple as basic data acquisition for leak rate or it may involve a fully automatic control with recipe editor.

Below is an example of a software program that is used specifically for Alcatel ASM 180 series of leak detectors with RS232 communications.


The easy to use Windows® compatible software allows the operator to collect and store information that is critical to the leak test.

This information includes Test ID, Helium background level, Pass/Fail Set point, Helium leak rate and Date/Time. The stored information can be printed out as the test is completed and is stored to the hard disk for later use.

You company logo and name can be included on the printout.


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