Leak Detector Maintenance & Repairs

Our leak detector services range from basic repairs to complete rebuilding of the unit.  When we receive the unit we first make an assessment of the problem and then give an estimate for the cost and time to repair.  After this is confirmed our technicians proceed with the utmost in care and attention to detail.  After the repairs are complete, we retune and calibrate the unit to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer's specifications.  We also warrant our work for 90 days from shipment.  We also offer preventative maintenance programs to fit your needs.

Rebuild area with clean room
Disassembly of Unit
Mass Spectrometer Cell
Turbo Pump

Preventative Maintenance

     Our preventative maintenance programs apply to Leybold, Alcatel, Varian, VEECO, and most other brands of leak detectors.  Our procedures meet or exceeded all OEM recommendations to maintain your leak detector at optimum performance and maximum sensitivity.

Level 1 (Every 2 Months)
A. Drain and Flush Mechanical Pump
B. Fill Pump and Test Performance
C. Check Turbo Pump Start-Up and Performance
D. Clean Up Vacuum Port Inlet and Outside of Unit
E. Retune Mass Spectrometer and Recertify to NIST Standard
F. Check Overall Operation of Leak Detector

Level 2 (Every 6 Months)
A. Perform Level 1
B. Disassemble and Clean All Vacuum Components
C. Clean and Rebuild Mass Spectrometer
D. Replace Filament and Electron Collector
E. Check For Leaks and Operation of Unit

Level 3 (Every 12 Months)
A. Perform Level 2
B. Re-Lubricate Turbo  Pump Bearings
C. Check For Leaks and Proper Operation of Unit

Level 4 (Every 24 Months)
A. Perform Level 2
B. Rebuild Turbo Pump and Replace Bearings
C. Rebuild Mechanical Pump
D. Check For Leaks and Operation of Unit

High Tech Services can provide preventative maintenance at any and all levels. The cost if you purchased individually would breakdown as follows:

Level I
Level II
Level III
$ 2,737.50
Level IIII

* Pricing does include the parts necessary for the maintenance but does not include repairs for damage due to abnormal operating conditions. (Shipping and Travel costs are separate)

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