Blue-M Vacuum Oven Upgrades and Modifications

High Tech Services provides modifications and upgrades for Standard Blue-M Vacuum Ovens. Some of the modifications include the following:

  • Automatic Process Control
  • Automatic Pumping and Vent
  • Process Alarm Lights and Sonalert
  • Adjustable Vacuum Level Control
  • Variable Temperature Ramping
  • Multistep Temperature Setpoints
  • Digital Vacuum Gauge
  • Setpoint Timers
  • Nitrogen Purge
  • Adjustable Over Temp Protection
  • Additional Access Ports to Chamber
  • Electrical Feedthrus
  • Mechanical Motion Feedthrus
  • Multiple Shelf Configurations
  • Permanent and Movable Floor Stand
  • Chart Recorder
  • Computer Data Acquisition
  • Vacuum Pumps



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