The HTS 9100 Vapor Deposition System was developed for MEMS manufacturers that use Wafer Level Packaging. This system incorporates a single process chamber that will accept a cassette of 24, 200mm substrates in a single process run. By incorporating a SMIF-pod cassette loader the substrates are protected from contaminates in the environment.
System Features
Single chamber
Single vapor source
Recovery trap
Fully automated process control
Manual or automatic loading of cassette.
Source Features
Capacity - 750 Grams
Maximum temperature - 160 C
Temperature stability during delivery +/- .2C
Controlled vapor saturation
Operating pressure range - 1 to 760 torr
Vacuum bypass for source conditioning
Delivery rate - .2 Grams/min
Process Control Features
Recipe editor
Slow/fast vent
Full data logging
Maximum temperature 150 C +/- .1C
Infinitely variable pumping speed
Variable vapor delivery
Pre/post process purge and pump cycles
Communications/remote access
PID loop temperature controls