High Tech Services Atmospheric Test Chamber produces an environment that simulates a high altitude and the temperature extremes that are found there. The specially designed thermal grid incorporates liquid nitrogen and a sinuous resistance heating element to induce the temperature change into the unit under test. The temperature of the thermal grid is controlled by a digital PID Loop Controller mounted in the control panel. This user friendly controller enables the operator to select and maintain temperatures from -50 C to +100 C. By monitoring the thermocouple vacuum gauge altitudes from sea level to the upper reaches of outer space can be produced. Various electrical feethrus and mechanical actuators can be attached to the universal flange disconnects. This unit incorporates a thick closed cell, aluminum can be maintained against a concrete floor.

Dimensions: 24" ID x 24" H
Power: 208 VAC 15 AMP
LN2 40 Love/H at -50 C Est.
Dry Nitrogen: 20 PSI
Atmospheric Test Chamber Base Pricing: $35,000.00