High Tech Services APC-1 is a microprocessor-based designed and programmed to monitor and control cryo, diffusion and turbo pumped vacuum systems. Easy to install, the APC-1 is ideal controller for upgrades for upgrading an existing system as well as for forming the corner stone of a newly-designed system, learn more.

Compact Design
Power-Loss Protected CPU
Bright LED Indicators
Removable Key for Mode Select
Hivac and Process Control
Low Voltage Output
Remote Control Capability
Exclusive Two Year Warranty
The APC-1 has two modes of operation - Auto and Manual Interlocked, selected by a keyswitch on the front panel.

AUTO MODE Three pushbutton control of functions are available in the Auto Mode - Start, Vent and Standby

The Start function activates the pumpdown sequence which monitors chamber and foreline thermocouple inputs to ensure correct crossover and to provide pump protection

The Vent function activates the vent sequence which includes triggering the ion gauge and closing the vent valve on reaching atmosphere

The Standby function is used following pumpdown to close the hivac without venting the chamber.

In the Manual Interlocked mode, the front panel switches can be used to open and close the valves. The switches are interlocked to prevent inadvertent misuse.


Input Power
115/230 VAC 230 VA
Output Power
115 VAC or 24 VDC
Panel Height
Panel Width
Panel Depth






For 115 VAC Output add 115-AC to Part# Examples: 2110-RB-115-AC

For 24 VAC Output add 24 DC to Part# Examples: 2110-RB-24-DC