Computer Automation
 Here at High Tech Services, we use innovated ideas and new technology and old technology to provide safe and reliable software for the equipment and machinery, backup, security, trending and historic trending, failsafe and recovery are just a few.We provide state of the art graphics and data acquisition and control with multitasking capable of operating the largest and smallest of tasks, controlling and updating or changing and redesigning your own routines are made simple and you have the option of having multiple routines to fit all you needs.

High Tech Services applies Opto22 LCSX controller as a heart of automation system to control analog and digital devices. Opto22 is a 32-bit real time, multi-tasking processor and uses FactoryFloor software with the following features:

OptoControl: a graphical, flowchart-based development environment for machine control and process applications.
OptoDisplay: an intuitive human-machine interface(HMI) and trending packages.
OptoServer: a robust, OPC-compliant data server that connects the controller network with the PC network.
OptoConnect: a bi-directional link between the SNAP controller database and Microsoft's SQL server and Access databases.