High Tech Services Air to Air heat Exchanger cools the hot effluent gasses that are discharged from the oven. Temperature as high as 1100C at the outlet of the oven are cooled to less than 100C before entering house exhaust. The Heat Exchanger is designed with two flow channels. The inner channel is completely seam welded and sealed from both the cooling air and the room air to insure that all of the hot process gas is routed into the house exhaust. The hot gas temperature is monitored at the outlet and mid stream so that if there is a failure in the Heat Exchanger an interlock circuit will shut down the oven and will flood the outlet with cool nitrogen. This circuit has to be reset manually before the oven can be restarted. When installed this unit sits on top of the existing oven.

Dimensions: 34" x 47" x 6"
Inlet: 2"OD SST
Outlet: 2"OD SST
Air outlet: 4" SST
Air flow: 100 CFM
Power: 115 VAC
Pricing: $9,400.00