The Model 1010 Vacuum Oven is a table top vacuum oven designed for the purpose of processing components under low levels of vacuum and at elevated temperatures. Processing under vacuum greatly decreases the possibility or oxygen or other airborne components from contaminating your product. All stainless steel components and assemblies ensure contaminate-free processing. Internal fusion welding of the chamber and related components provides for vacuum integrity to below 10-8 torr. Internal heating elements minimize the energy used to heat the components and produce faster heat up times than through the wall heaters. The vacuum chamber dimensions is 10'' diameter x 10'' deep and comes standard with two shelves that can be easily removed. Some of the applications include out gassing of ceramics and O-rings, annealing, passivation, and vacuum curing.
Model 1010 Oven
Pump Package 3.2 cfm
Portable Cart
High Vacuum Pump
High Temperature
PLC Option
One-button operation
Variable flow N2 purge
Digital temperature control
Temperature to 250 C
Thermocouple vacuum gauge
Vacuum to 10-8 Torr
Safety interlocked
Quartz viewport
Dimensions 19"w x 15"h x 18"d
Portable cart
Direct drive mechanical pump
High vacuum to 10 - 6 Torr
High temperature to 400C
PLC process control
Internal configuration
Description of Options
Pump Package
This option package includes a 3.2 cfm direct drive two-stage mechanical pump, exhaust mist eliminator, inlet sieve trap, and all associated plumbing components for proper installation.

Portable Cart
The portable cart is constructed of stainless steel and then is electropolished to passivate all surfaces and to produce a high quality look. The dimensions of the cart are 24"w x 20"d x 25"h and has a catch pan base for storage of the mechanical pump.

High Vacuum Pump
the high vacuum option consists of a high vacuum gauge, an 80 L/S turbo pump, turbo controller, and the necessary plumbing to decrease the base pressure to the low 10-6 range.

High Temperature
The high temperature option increases the temperature in the chamber and the insulation to enable bake outs at 400C.

PLC Control
The PLC option provides for automatic process control through the use of a Programmable Logic Controller.

Internal Configuration
The internal shelving or fixturing can be custom designed to fit the needs of the application. This option will be priced on request.
110 VAC 15 Amp
10 PSI Dry Nitrogen
70 PSI Air