The Source Oven provides a clean vacuum environment to test and store rebuilt ion implanter source assemblies. The unique design automatically pumps down and bakes out the critical end of the source. Leak testing can be accomplished by attaching an existing helium leak detector to the auxiliary port. After testing, the source oven will bake out and maintain the source assembly under vacuum until it is needed on the ion implanter. By installing a pre-conditioned source assembly in the implanter, up to three hours of downtime can be eliminated.
Source Oven
Portable Cart (Painted)
Portable Cart (SST)
Dual Chamber Interface
High Vacuum Pump
High Temperature 400C
Mech Pump 1.4 CFM
Mech Pump 3.2 CFM
All stainless construction
One button operation
Timed or continuous heat and purge
Digital temperature control to 200C
Vacuum to 50 microns
Auxiliary leak testing port
Safety interlocked
Dimensions 19"w x 15"h x 18"d
Direct drive mechanical pump
High vacuum to 10 - 6 Torr
High temperature to 400C
Multi chamber interface
Portable cart
Description of Options

Portable Cart
The portable cart comes as either painted steel or polished stainless steel frame panels. The dimensions of the cart are 24''w x 20''d x 25''h and has a catch pan base for storage of the mechanical pump.

Dual Chamber Interface
The dual chamber interface includes the hardware and the electronics modification that allows you to stack two ovens together and operate them with one vacuum pump. The electronics modification determines the priority of pumping so the two chambers are maintained under vacuum, but do not cross contaminate each other.

High Vacuum Pump
the high vacuum option consists of a high vacuum gauge, an 80 L/S turbo pump, turbo controller, and the necessary plumbing to decrease the base pressure to the low 10-6 range. This will enable the source to be pumped and baked out to the operating range of the implanter.

High Temperature
The high temperature option increases the temperature in the chamber and the insulation to enable bake outs at 400C.

Pump Package
Two different mechanical pump options are available. A 1.4 CFM pump is recommended as a vacuum source for one oven. A 3.2 CFM pump is recommended when two ovens are stacked. The option package includes a direct drive two stage mechanical pump, exhaust mist eliminator, inlet sieve trap, and all associated plumbing components for proper installation.