HTS 8100
Vapor Deposition System

The HTS 8100 Vapor Deposition System is the first high throughput production system for applying lubricating films to the surfaces of MEMS devices. These coatings reduce surface tension and eliminate STICTION of micro mechanical surfaces. The HTS 8100 has the capacity to process up to 24, 300mm substrates per hour.

The HTS 8100 three chamber design allows users to deposit on up to three different products at the same time. The software recipe editor allows the user to define all of the process variables for a multitude of processes and products. These two features combined enables the user to develop new processes and products in the same system that they are running production. The dual source feature eliminates maintenance down time and allows production to continue during source recharging and conditioning.

System Features

Three fully Integrated Process Chambers
Two Vapor Sources
Recovery trap
Fully Automated process control
Manual or Auto loading of substrates

Source Features

Capacity - 750 Grams
Maximum Temperature - 160 C
Temperature stability during delivery +/- .2 C
Controlled Vapor Saturation
Operating pressure range - 1 Torr to 760 torr
Vacuum Bypass for source conditioning
Delivery Rate - .2 Grams/Min

Chamber Features

Substrate capacity - 300mm X 300mm X 38mm
Maximum temperature - 150 C +/- .1 C
Temp uniformity +/- .01 C
Base pressure - <10-6 Torr
Dual Vapor Injectors for high deposition uniformity
Infinitely variable pumping speed
Variable Vapor delivery speed
Variable/Ramp N2 vent

Process control features

Recipe Editor
Variable pumping speed
Variable delivery rate
Slow/Fast vent
Pre/Post Process Purge and pump cycles
Full data logging
Communications/Remote Access
PID loop temperature controls

Trap Features

Maximum Capacity - 750 Grams
Running capture rate - 100% up to 100 grams
Regeneration Time - 20 Minutes